Bøyen Beng

Phto: Ismael Nordin

Bøyen Beng played on Karlsøya in 2004, and they have been on our wish list ever since! They were contacted early on, and they're very enthusiastic about coming back to Karlsøy and playing at the 10 year anniversary.
Bøyen Beng grew out of the Blitz community in the 80's and had their album debut in 1991 with ''Kjærlig Vårt Hat" (Lovely Our Hate) – A record characterized like this: "If you're only going to buy one Norwegian rock record in your life this one should be high up on your list."
The punk scene in the late 80's was mostly into Hardcore, but Bøyen Beng wasn't one to follow the norm; They played less aggressive, with more sing-a-long and political Norwegian lyrics. The fiddle being one of their key instruments they feel more at home in the category folk punk.
Stein Lillevolden said the following about Bøyen Beng «...They've always made Blitz sweat, dance, sing, swing, swoosh and swagger with battle lust and party vibes.»
They managed the same on Karlsøya in 2004 and we guarantee a great comeback!

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