We the people of Karlsřya want to invite all the people of the earth to our beautiful island the first week in august this summer 2005 to exchange wisdom and experience that can contribute to positive changes in our society.

We want to give man/womankind hope that our dreams and visions help: and that together our collective consciousness motivates us to build a better world. At the same time we want to celebrate…

We want people to open their hearts and minds and recognize that life is far too short to focus on our shortcomings. Instead we want to look to the future and work together creating this very future.

Together we can realize that to give and receive love is life’s most magnificent gift.

Our common love for “Mother Earth” is reflected in our everyday deeds and doings.

But capitalistic power would like us to give in to materialism and the power of money.  We can only buy temporary “happiness”. We must not become blind! We must be aware! In the interest of money, money and more money we are raping the earth and ravaging the sea. We are exploiting man/womankind’s common/shared resources globally! It doesn’t have to be like this. And that is what our festival is about.

We have never been so knowledgeable and yet so unaware of that which is happening. We need to concentrate on the fellowship of our globe and the coming generations that will inherit the earth. Our children’s grandchildren’s children have the right to fresh air, clean water and an unpolluted earth.

The theme for our festival this summer is reclaim. We will reclaim that which belongs to the people. By reclaiming we will protest increasing capitalism, privatization and alienation. We will express an ever increasing and most critical need for we the people to demand that which is rightfully ours: the right to the land and waters, the right to participate in defining public principles and the right to express ourselves through popular culture. We will express the immediate need for a just distribution of all our common resources. No more suppression! “Make poverty history”.

We would like everyone to actively participate in this happening. We believe that each and everyone has something to contribute.

From the 2-7 of august there will be workshops and seminars. If you would like to hold a workshop or seminar get in touch with us.

Music and other cultural events take place on the weekend. Many professional artists will perform and entertain us. These artists make their living through their artistic expression.

Therefore the music festival costs:

500 norwegian kroner for the entire weekend, 300 kroner per day, 200 kroner for children

The music varies from reggae to rock and something/everything in between.

Together by combining our skills and resources we can make this happen: from digging latrines, setting up the kitchen, preparing for and participating in the workshops to creating a children’s village. The final days we need help in restoring the festival area. Let us all be with in making sure that we leave the area as we found it.

Take with face paints, toys and games, music instruments, and whatever else you feel will enrich our gathering. Take with a tent, a tippi, a lavvo, with place for many. Take with sleeping bags and other necessary camping equipment.

The temperature can be anywhere from 8-20 degrees C. But can be even chillier at night. Be prepared.

Come one, come all and join us in our celebration of yet a new beginning!