What's happening? Music on the mainstage:
Daevid Allen and the University of Errors(GB)
Bernard Briis Band
Karlsøy Prestegaard
Stars Behind Bars
Dubioza Kolektiv (Bosnia)
Darg Team (Gaza)
Fri Galaxe (CHR)
Luffes Kuffert (CHR)
The Gaia Experience (DK)

Music on the little stage:
Skovsyret (DK)
Underworld Of Disease
The Ayerez
Nico True og Frøya
No stress Society
Skada Vara
Jennae Dalvik
Open stage - Free jam

Children's program:
Indian Camp
Treasure hunt by the sea
Children Lavvo

Gallery Carlsø:
Nina Jo Melboe
Opening 5 August
with Vishnu, performances and other entertainment

Seminars and stuff:
Can fishfarming be sustainable? With information director Ari Kvistad in FHL and Ragnhild Gjærum from Nature and Youth.
Oil spills in the rainforest - what happens in Peru? With Reidun Blehr Lånkan, Managing Director of Latin Amerikagruppene in Norway (LAG)
The battle for Hauskvartalet with Nina Huse, Nicolai Gulowsen, Frøydis Andersen and Ole Pedersen
Squatters movement
Palestine with Susanne and the Darg Team
Bosnia 15 years after with Dubioza Kolektiv
Food First Information and Action Network
Drug problems in society and community with Arild Knutsen, Hedda Giertsen and Nils Christie
Consensus with Karlsøyværinga, Christianitter and Hausmanitter
Digital Democracy
Amnesty Slum Cities with Christiania-activists
Development and progress with Nils Christie
Historic walk around the island with Håvard Dahl Brattrein

Every day:
Movies with the filmclub Eat The Rich
Artgarbage with Anita Hillestad
Geitehælvete - the daily fanzine with Andreas Drevland, Øyvind Dahl Brungot
and Maria Strøm Astrup
DIY T-shirt printing with Asgeir Wølner
Pirate Radio with Susanne and Linda

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